by Lizz Caplan-Carbin

Noone is in the livingroom.      Let's go into the livingroom.

motion takes accusative        static location takes dative
use 'auf' for horizontal surfaces          use 'an' for vertical surfaces
He writes on the board.  He points to the board.  Look at the board.        The number 4 is on the board.
This picture hangs on the wall.      The man is hanging this picture on(to) to the wall.

He walks to the wall.

The dog jumps on his master.      The lady steps on her dog.
The dog stands in front of the door.   This dog is lying behind the door.
Note:  'Accusative' here means that the 2nd guy crosses behind the 1st.     (Stationary) Walking in place would take dative.
assignment password:  'Selbstbestimmung'
A cat sits in the toilet.  A dog is sitting in a box.   A man pours water into the computer.  A man is putting flowers into the head.
We're going to the movies.  Let's go to the library.  Go to your room!  I'm going to bed.
One guy puts the armchair in the corner.  Two men put the sofa next to the armchair.  A man hangs a picture over the sofa.

He walks in front of the car.  He is holding a newspaper in front of his face.

to stand behind the others (static)             to walk before the others (motion)
He is in jail. - He went to jail. - He is behind bars. - He went behind bars.
A car drives in front of the building.  -  A woman stands under the streetlight next to the building on the corner.
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Created by Lizz Caplan-Carbin

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